What inspires me to paint my Colorful Contemporary abstract paintings is the beauty I see in simple things – color, textures, patterns and forms.
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MARAOZ paintings
Detail picture of abstract painting in earth colors. Colorful modern art for collectors.
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Artist statement of contemporary abstract painter Monica Araoz.
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In my abstract paintings I try to communicate the beauty I see in simple things – color, textures, patterns and forms. I found the texture of objects especially fascinating. To me, it is very appealing to see how a myriad of forms are created inside the texture, and how these forms, which are created between the volumes of the peaks and valleys on the surface, play together to build patterns that unify all the different forms.

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My abstract paintings are in public and private collections in USA, Mexico and Venezuela and represented by Galleries and art consultants.

                                     Monica Araoz.
                     Contemporary abstract artist

Virtual Art Gallery Image. Pictures of abstract paintings on a wall. Abstract art by Monica Araoz. Click to enlarge.

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