Art gallery 2006. Pictures of colorful contemporary abstract paintings. Abstract art pics
Art gallery 2004 and previous years. Few of these series are still available.

. Can I commission an artwork?
Yes, certainly. You can ask for custom size canvas. We can talk about the idea you have in mind. Please note that all my art is original and I do not make copies or reproduction of any type of any art work that is already sold. Please contact me to discuss in detail the process for commissioning.

2. Is your art Original?
YES. If you like something that is already sold, I can work with a similar color scheme and motif, but the painting will NEVER be identical to another.

3. Is your art framed.
No. My art does not need to be framed. Most of my paintings are made on canvas with the edges wrapped, which I paint. The edges are wide from 1.5” to 2.0”. This feature makes the painting have a contemporary look.

4. Why buy art on-line?
Mainly for convenience. You can search, select and compare from the comfort of your home or office. Some people I am acquainted with would had never thought of going to an Art Gallery to buy art, but instead, they easily surfed the internet and looked for it. In addition, the world has become so small with the use of the Internet that you can now select artwork from all over the world!

Most of the on-line galleries and artists on the internet offer full-refund return policies giving the buyer a determined number of days to return the painting in order to obtain a full return.